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“Reviving Downtown: My Address Book”

March 13, 2004 to April 30, 2004

002 Houston, ArtsHouston Magazine and Paper City


“Integrating the Digital Consciousness"

May 15, 2004 to June 29, 2004

Houston Chronicle and 002 Houston


“Touch and Temperature: Art in the Cybernetic Totalism”

October 2, 2004 to November 30, 2004

Houston Chronicle: Artistic Limits Tested in Exhibit by Patricia C. Johnson


“Film Framed”

April 1, 2005 to April 30, 2005

Paper City and ArtsHouston


“Dystopian Landscapes”

June 4, 2005 to July 2, 2005

 Art Lies: Dystopian Landscapes by Robert Pruitt 


“Virtual Urge”

June 4, 2005 to July 2, 2005

Houston Press: Art Lite by Kelly Klaasmeyer


“ArtHouston Exhibitions”

June 9, 2005 to August 18, 2005

002+ Magazine: Jenny Schlief: Mature Milk and Beautiful Beasts by Natasha Jacob



September 17, 2005 to November 5, 2005

ArtsHouston Magazine: Galleries Feature


“…too soft for anyone I know”

November 19, 2005 to January 14, 2006

Houston Press: "Soft" Around the Edges by Amy Peterson 


“Hedonistic Imperative”

January 21, 2006 to March 4, 2006

Houston Press: Better Living Through Silicone 


“LIGHT: The Mirror Of the Soul”

May 13, 2006 to July 1, 2006

Houston Press: Ultra Cool by Troy Schulze


“A Ghost Story, Part 1”

July 8, 2006 to August 31, 2006

Art Papers: Teresa O’Connor by Christopher French

Houston Press: Two shows at Deborah Colton Gallery explore ambiguity and the unknown by Troy Shulze



September 16, 2006 to November 4, 2006

ArtsHouston: Word Up! by Tria Wood

Houston Chronicle, Houston Review, ArtLies, ArtsHouston, Houston Press, NY Arts Magazine and Paper City





November 10, 2006 to January 6, 2007

Houston Press: It’s a Boyers by Nick Keppler


“Pure Space”

January 13, 2007 to March 3, 2007

Houston Chronicle: Art, born of Chinese experience by Patricia C. Johnson 


“China Under Construction”

July 14, 2007 to August 31, 2007

Art It Picks: Tsui Kuang-Yu The Shortcut to the Systematic Life: Invisible City by Iwakiri Mio

Houston Press: Deconstruction Workers by Kelly Klaasmeyer


“Chemical City”

September 8, 2007 to November 3, 2007

Houston Press: Deborah Colton Gallery” Chemical City by Dusti Rhodes


“Abu Dhabi Art Fair”

November 27, 2007 to November 29, 2007

Art in the Desert: The United Emirates and Abu Dhabi by Deborah M. Colton


“DIGITALIA: Intimacy in the Hyper Real”

January 12, 2008 to March 1, 2008

Art Lies: DIGITALIA: Intimacy in the Hyperreal by Sean Carroll

Rhizome: Desire in Digital by Marisa Olson

Perpetual Art Machine: DIGITALIA: Intimacy in the Hyperreal 


“FotoFest 2008”

March 7, 2008 to April 18, 2009

Paper City Magazine: China Under Construction II by Catherine D. Anspon

Houston Press: Asian Invasion by Jody Schmal



July 12, 2008 to August 30, 2008

Houston Chronicle: Deborah Colton Gallery finds second home by Douglas Britt


“A Time for Change”

September 20, 2008 to November 4, 2008

Paper City and Houston Press


“QATAR NARRATIVES: A Country Expressed by Its Own Voices”

October 23, 2008 to December 13, 2008

Houston Press: Qatar Narratives: A Country Expressed by Its Own Voices by Dusti Rhodes


“Dividing God”

November 15, 2008 to January 3, 2009

002 Houston and Houston Chronicle


“Yoni and Lingam”

November 15, 2008 to January 3, 2009

002Houston and Paper City


“Three Points in Spain”

July 11, 2009 to August 15, 2009

Houston Chronicle, Paper City, Houston Magazine and Revista de Arte


“Model Behavior”

September 19, 2009 to November 7, 2009

Here Houston: ‘Model Behavior’ sculpture, photography at Deborah Colton Gallery by Virginia Billeaud Anderson


"FotoFest 2010 Biennial Exhibition: Labyrinth of Desire"

March 13, 2010 to April 24, 2010

Creative Europe: Labyrinth of Desire: Work by Frank Rodick by Michael Lebow



May 8, 2010 to June 26, 2010

...might be good: Marianne Vitale and Nathaniel Donnett by Erin Kimmel


“Black Plastic and tha Paper Bag Kids in tha Soulecistic Playground”

May 8, 2010 to June 26, 2010

Planet Peace Uv Mine: Nathaniel Donnett Solo Art Exhibition


“Mary Beth Edelson: Humor is the Best Game in Town”

November 9, 2010 to December 11, 2010

ArtLies: Mary Beth Edelson by Catherine Caesar


“Highlights of Two Projects”

November 20, 2010 to January 29, 2011

Houston Magazine and H Texas


“FotoFest 2012 Biennial Main Exhibition: Focus of Russia I”

March 16, 2012 to April 28, 2012

Blouin Art Info: FotoFest Brings Russia’s Photographic History to Houston, From Its Socialist Past to Its Vulgar Present by Kyle Chayka

Houston Press: Back to the Classics by Kelly Klaasmeyer


“FotoFest 2012 Biennial Solo Exhibition: Focus on Russia II”

March 16, 2012 to April 28, 2012

Zan Magazine: Oleg Dou: Artist


“The Rule and its Exception, Part I”

May 9, 2012 to May 12, 2012

Zan Magazine: Contemporary Middle Eastern Art


 “Plastic fantastic with Paul Mart”

September 8, 2012 to October 27, 2012

Houston Chronicle: ‘Plastic’ is a fantastic concept by Molly Glentzer


“Dying to Live”

February 23, 2013 to May 9, 2013

002 Houston: Harif Guzman by Lance Scott Walker

The Great God Pan Is Dead: Harif Guzman: A Closer Look by Virginia Billeaud Anderson



November 9, 2013 to December 28, 2013

CultureMap: Film lovers delight: Houston Cinema Arts Fest packed with major movie stars, major directors & great movies

Houston Chronicle: Jonas Mekas Captures One Moment at a Time


“Bert: Back and Beyond”

February 1, 2014 to March 8, 2014

Arts & Culture: Visual Arts: Eyes On Texas

“Sharon Kopriva: Illuminations”

May 17, 2014 to June 26, 2014

Zan Magazine: Sharon Kopriva: Artist

Houston Press: Illuminations Offers an Arboretum Pulsing With Life by Jim J. Tommaney

The Great God Pan Is Dead: Beyond Physical: Sharon Kopriva Speaks by Virginia Billeaud Anderson


“Mapping Strife: Perception and Reality”

September 20, 2014 to November 22, 2014

Visual Art Source: Mapping Strife: Perception and Reality


“Seasons of Heaven”

November 22, 2014 to January 3, 2015

Coming Home: The House and Studio of the Very Peripatetic Angelbert Metoyer by Catherine D. Anspon

002 Magazine: This Month’s Must-See Exhibits


“Canto Y Calavera”

January 10, 2015 to February 21, 2015

Alfredo Gisholt: Un Mexicano en la Escena del Arte Contemporaneo Internacional


“New Abilities”

February 28, 2015 to April 25, 2015

LOCAL: This Month’s Must-See Exhibits


“Select Works”

February 28, 2015 to April 25, 2015

First Class Magazine: Oleg Dou: A Modern Interpretation of an Old Practice


“Love is a Roar-r-r!”

May 2, 2015 to July 11, 2015

Paper City: Boxing with Greatness: Ushio Shinohara Takes Houston by Catherine D. Anspon

Love Is A Roar-r-r-r!: Noriki Shinohara



September 12, 2015 to October 31, 2015

Art Ltd. Magazine: Critic’s Picks: Houston by Nancy Zastudil

Art World: Must-See Art Guide: Houston by Astyaj Ghassemi


“Codes of Hermes”

November 14, 2015 to January 30, 2016

Artsy Magazine: Egyptian Artist Khaled Hafez’s Coded Works Reveal a Personal Narrative by Maxwell Williams


“Broken Mirror”

March 12, 2016 to April 23, 2016

ArtHouston: Reviews: Oleg Dou

Iris Covet Book: Oleg Dou at Deborah Colton Gallery

The Pearl is a Jewel - Explore the Fine Arts Museum of Spring



March 12, 2016 to April 23, 2016

LOCAL: This Month’s Must-See Exhibits

Houstonia: Vintage Proof of Old Houston by Laura GIllespie

Elizabeth Avedon Journal: Suzanne Paul: Exhibition in Houston Texas Deborah Colton Gallery

The Eye of Photography: Houston: Suzanne Paul, PROOF

The Long-Lost Work of Two Legends Is Shown Off in Houston: It’s a Rediscovered Art Movement by Catherine D. Anspon


“Between: Daniel Kayne - Ivan Plusch”

May 7, 2016 to July 2, 2016

LOCAL: This Month’s Must-See Exhibits


Sharon Kopriva’s Open House

July 6, 2016

Sharon Kopriva's Mummies, Skeletons and Spirits Come Home to Earth Mother


“Tribute: Women Artists of the African Diaspora”

September 17, 2016 to November 5, 2016

Arts & Culture: Tribute: Women Artists of the African Diaspora at Deborah Colton Gallery

Art Ltd Magazine: Review: Tribute: Women Artists of the African Diaspora


“Looking for the Right Time”

November 19, 2016 to January 28, 2017

Glasstire: Bert Long Lives On! By Paula Newton

Glasstire: Bert Long at Deborah Colton Gallery by Michael Bise



February 18, 2017 to March 25, 2017

Houston Chronicle: Middle Eastern works share optimism, love of Picasso


“Focus on the 70s & 80s: Houston Foundations Part II”

September 9, 2017 to November 4, 2017

Boudin, Bourbon and The Feast of the Assumption: Bas Poulos: More Talk - Essay - Bas Poulos Paintings by Virginia Billeaud Anderson

Boudin, Bourbon and The Feast of the Assumption: Earl Staley’s “Two Lovers Surprised By Death” - Earl Staley - A Closer Look - Essay by Virginia Billeaud Virginia

LOCAL: This Month’s Top Exhibits via Glasstire


Paul Horn’s Pop Culture Overload

March 13, 2018



“Pieta and Resurrection” by Olga Tobreluts

May 5, 2018to June 2018

Arts & Culture: Houston - Olga Tobreluts


“Identifiably Houston – Foundations III”

September 15, 2018 to October 27, 2018

Culture Map: Deborah Colton Gallery presents “Identifiably Houston: Foundations III” opening reception

Houston Chronicle: Art

Houston Chronicle: Zest


“Sharon Kopriva: Meditations, Migrations and Muses”

January 11, 2019 to February 23, 2019

Visual Art Source: Weekly Recommendations