Houston Foundations

Deborah Colton Gallery is founded on being an innovative showcase for ongoing presentation and promotion of strong historical and visionary contemporary artists world-wide, whose diverse practices include painting, works on paper, sculpture, video, photography, performance, conceptual future media and public space installations. The Gallery aspires to provide a forum through connecting Texas, national and international artists to make positive change and to help Houston become a leading destination city of the arts.

Since 2013 especially, Deborah Colton Gallery has had a strong focus on establishing HOUSTON FOUNDATIONS which reveres our city’s artistic roots.  By understanding where we came from, we can build on this foundation to become an even more dynamic and empowered "City of the Future" in the national and international art world.  Deborah Colton Gallery’s Foundations I was Suzanne Paul’s PROOF exhibition in 2016, which the gallery actually started researching over a decade earlier when it started to house this important archive after Suzanne Paul's passing. Suzanne Paul’s archives are the most comprehensive photographic documentation of Houston art scene from the 1970’s to 2005.  September - October of 2017, Deborah Colton Gallery organized and exhibited Foundations II: Focus on the 70’s & 80’s  which  featured 26 of the most significant artists of that time period who have made a major impact on who we are as an art city today.  The Foundations Symposium Series of panels and lectures was part of this exhibition.  Deborah Colton Gallery has a permanent Foundations Room in the back of the gallery which highlights Suzanne Paul’s photographs of the Houston art scene plus a video excerpt of our Foundations Symposium Series from 2017.  The video was created by Lee Benner.  There also is a library of publications on Houston artists.

Foundations IV

PDF icon MEDIA RELEASE - Virgil Grotfeldt
PDF icon MEDIA RELEASE - Dick Wray
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Foundations III: Identifiably Houston




Foundations I : Suzanne Paul: PROOF