2012 Houston Fine Art Fair

2012 Houston Fine Art Fair
September 14, 2012 to September 16, 2012

Deborah Colton Gallery is pleased to be included as an Exhibitor at the 2012 Houston Fine Art Fair. The Gallery will feature works of art from internationally acclaimed Russian artists Oleg Dou and Olga Tobreluts, Iranian-American artist Soody Sharifi and works from American artists Matthew Grabelsky and David Graeve. It is with this dynamic multi-cultural group of artists that Deborah Colton Gallery represents the internationally diverse spirit of the Houston Fine Art Fair and Houston.

The second annual Houston Fine Art Fair returns for an eagerly awaited encore. Last year, 10,500 enthusiastic art lovers explored the offerings of 83 dealers. As the first ever fine art fair in Houston, it blew the cover off the country’s best-kept secret. With the rousing success in show attendance and impressive art sales, Houston is now becoming recognized as the new cultural gem of the US – home to major museums, a thriving gallery scene and a strong base of passionate collectors and patrons.

Exhibiting Artists:
Oleg Dou
Matthew Grabelsky
David Graeve
Soody Sharifi
Olga Tobreluts