The primary goal of the Deborah Colton Gallery is the creation of a continually evolving innovative showcase for the ongoing presentation and international promotion of strong historical and visionary contemporary artists worldwide. While living in Asia for eight years, Deborah Colton's first emanation was a virtual gallery, starting in 1998, whose main focus was to create an awareness and appreciation for the multi-media talents of artists from Thailand, Japan, China and throughout Asia.
Moving to Houston in 2000 after living in Tokyo and Bangkok, Deborah Colton first curated and presented several public space exhibitions in conjunction with many prestigious art non-profits both from the United States and Asia. The Deborah Colton Gallery opened FotoFest of 2004 and since then has been continually presenting significant national and international contemporary art exhibitions. As part of the Gallery's continued aspiration to provide a visual forum which connects both national and international artists to create an awareness and help make positive social change, the Deborah Colton Gallery has focused on many key cities, including having been an exhibitor in the first Art Fair in Abu Dhabi in November of 2007. In 2008 Deborah Colton Gallery debuted the exhibition titled Qatar Narratives consisting of contemporary artists from Qatar in conjunction with Consular Forum 2008, honoring the Kingdom of Qatar. In 2009 the Gallery similarly honored Spain and in 2010, Mexico. During FotoFest 2012, the Deborah Colton Gallery focused on Russia, which included important exhibitions on both Olga Tobreluts and Oleg Dou. This emphasis encompasses a wider scope for the expansion of the diversities of international artists and concerns.
In addition to the Gallery's stable of artists, Deborah Colton Gallery provides consultative services both nationally and internationally to individuals, corporations and institutions so they can start to acquire specific works through a comprehensive program of collecting.
Exhibitions highlight only the most provocative and relevant contemporary artists, whose diverse practices include paintings, works on paper, sculpture, video, photography, performance, conceptual future media and public space installations.
Significant projects include the China Under Construction exhibition in 2007 and the sponsoring of the Yoko Ono IMAGINE PEACE billboard in conjunction with the Gallery's 2006 Word exhibition and the 2011 Positive Perceptions exhibition.
Houston Chronicle: IMAGINE PEACE (For more information, please see Past Exhibitions)
High Art: Top Gallerist
2009 expansion included also the identification of OUTPOST NYC DCG.

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